Why is it essential to invest in Social Media Marketing Services? Because EVERYWHERE you go these days you can’t help but notice that everyone is on their phones. It doesn’t matter where – at dinner, in meetings, in the car – people are constantly staring at a screen. Out of everyone using a phone, surprisingly only:

1% are actually using it to make a phone call
2% of people are texting
2% are searching something on Google

The remaining 95% are on some form of SOCIAL MEDIA.

It is absolutely amazing how social media has affected and taken over our lives in such a short amount of time. A recent study shows that on average a human will spend over 4 YEARS of their life on some sort of social media. And these are just the statistics for mobile users – the people sitting on Facebook at home or work all day accounts for billions of people each day.


Social Media Marketing Services

1.23 Billion people log into Facebook every day – with a 18% increase each year.



Now we understand that social media, or Facebook in general might not be for everyone. We’re not suggesting that you create an account and share a picture of every meal you eat throughout the day. But as a business owner, its hard to deny the fact you you NEED to be tapping into this potential. Facebook has transitioned itself into such a business friendly platform that millions of possible customers are at your fingertips. The best part – ITS FREE! Granted it’s time consuming and there is a learning curve involved – but you can get up and running on your own within a few minutes without spending a dollar. But that’s what were here for – you have a million things to do every day and social media doesn’t need to be one of them. Get your custoemrs talking, and your phone ringing with our proven and tested Social Media Marketing Services!

To succeed on any social platform you must have a solid foundation in place. Based on your goals, we determine the social media channels to best serve your business’ needs. We set up and register all of the accounts, design each profile to be consistent with your brands image and message, and put everything in place for you to begin building your loyal following. We will also connect profiles to your website so there is a constant stream of updated content. Once you have a sound foundation, we can determine which additional Social Media Marketing Services are needed to accomplish your goals.
Starting at $300

Unsure where to start with social media? Not a problem. We review your business needs and budget to determine all potential opportunities. We work directly with you to find the best avenue of success depending on what your looking to achieve. Whether you want to send more traffic to your website, build a loyal following or simply increase brand awareness – we draw a roadmap for you to follow. We also work with you to develop a unique content strategy to grab your audiences attention. By planning what and when your going to post something specific gives you a clear direction for long term success.
Starting at $500

The number one reason why businesses fail at social media is because they don’t have the time. Most owners can’t justify paying an employee to focus on running marketing campaigns so they try to do it themselves. Sure you might make a post here or there but we both know that’s it’s not getting you the results you really want. Between the time spent researching, writing, taking pictures or interacting with customers – your likely to spend a few hours a week at a minimum. At the end of the month you’ve spent 12+ hours of your valuable time and likely dont have any results to show for it. Our full management service makes social media 100% hands-off at a fraction of the cost – allowing you (and your employees) to focus solely on your business. 
Starting at $200/month

If your looking to reach new audiences then Facebook Advertising is hands-down the go to platform. There is more to Facebook than just “boosting” a post. Their unique marketing platform allows your to define and target your audience unlike any other. You can target by traditional demographics such as age, gender and location – but also by behaviors, interests, hobbies, occupations, etc. This allows you to increase your visibility to your “perfect customer” – someone who is already looking for good or services related to your business.  We develop a plan and create multiple ads that we launch, test and continue to optimize to generate the best return possible. Simply existing on Facebook is not enough, start connecting and engaging today!
Starting at 20% of ad spend

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