Dan Rumbauskas

Owner, Developer, “Web Guy”

Hey I’m Dan – owner and developer here at Design Lab! I started Design Lab in 2012 after spending months of trying to hire a reliable web developer for a company that I was starting. I knew exactly what I wanted but my schedule was crazy and I didn’t have the time to sit down and build out the website myself. All of the companies that I interviewed and received proposals from promised me the same thing. The latest and greatest technology, responsive design….all the bells and whistles, I’m sure you know the routine. But not one of them addressed how they were going to help me solve my problems.

Of course I wanted a beautiful website – but you know what I wanted even more? A reliable way to get more customers. Not one of the companies told me how they were going to help me achieve that. When I asked them about this I would just get an explanation of why they’re better then the next guy. Luckily I knew the technology and how I could benefit from it, but 99% of business owners do not. This experience was a real eye opener for me. It made me realize that a lot of these so called designers/developers/agencies are selling the solution that benefits themselves the most. They don’t see past the website and understand that what they’re being hired for is hugely responsible in increasing the success of someone else’s business.

Thats why I started Design Lab – to help people like you grow their business with websites that are both effective and affordable. You dont need to spend a fortune on a website – but you do need to follow a very specific strategy in order to succeed online.

I’m able to help provide that strategy because I was a business owner before I was a web developer. I understand that the investments you make need to grow your business and increase your bottom line. I also understand the importance of an effectively marketed website because I had to rely on one to pay my bills and keep the lights on. You’re here because I still rely on my website for those things.

Unlike with most companies, your project doesn’t end once you cut a check. The completion of your project is just the beginning of our relationship. Im here to make sure that your new and improved website gets off the ground and starts producing results as quickly as possible. Through ongoing support, free tutorials and resources, advanced marketing tactics – we’re there every single step of the way. If you’re ready to take the next step for your business then get in touch today!


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Design Lab has been one of the biggest factors in our success over the past few years. Dan built our website and still manages all of our online marketing. He’s always coming up with creative ideas and is there whenever we need him.

John Valenti

Go Garbage Junk Removal

“I could not be happier having Design Lab provide website services for my firm. Dan is highly responsive, detail-oriented, and a true asset to any business.”

Damian Shammas

Shammas Law

Dan at Design Lab can turn rough ideas into amazing sites with all the extras we didn’t know we wanted! From a fun and playful Ice Cream shop site to a professional Real Estate Brokerage site Dan has created amazing pages for us.

Jenn D'Elia

So Delicious Ice Cream

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