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YES. The fact is, all software is vulnerable – and the software that’s used to build your website is no exception. Over time software grows old and becomes increasingly more exposed to hacking and malicious attacks. Most times these attacks are completely random and have no underlying intention. If you’re website is not protected with a Website Maintenance plan, it’s only a matter of time until it become a target, it’s as simple as that.

These attacks come in all different shapes and sizes. Some go unnoticed and some do everything they can to harm your business. We’ve seen ecommerce stores hacked to promote a competitor’s product, and law firms hacked with thousands of pages of x-rated material. In the blink of an eye your your entire online (and offline) reputation can be ruined.  

If not contained quickly, you run the risk of having your website blacklisted and marked as spam (see example). When this happens, all of your visitors are turned away by Google and all inbound and outbound email is automatically marked as junk and rarely delivered. This can take months or sometimes years to recover from. In severe cases, an entirely new domain, website and email service is needed – costing you tens of thousands of dollars. And that’s only the cost to fix the problem – consider the months of lost business and the harm done to your name. That’s why we’ve created our unique Design Lab Protection package. For a small investment each month, you can rest assured that your website, and your reputation, are completely safe. By actively monitoring your website we prevent, catch and fix any issues that arise before they have a chance to do any harm.

“Over 30,000 websites are hacked each day”



1. Routine Website Maintenance & Updates

We will routinely update WordPress, your Themes, and all of your Plugins in order to keep it up to date. Outdated software and plugins are the #1 vulnerability for hacking and spam. Doing this also optimizes your website for quick page loads, meaning more conversions and more success for your business.

2. Backups & Emergency Website Restore

Your website and database is automatically backed up at the end of each week. These backups are stored on a completely separate & secure server for extra peace of mind. In the event of a website crash, hacking, etc. – We can restore from a previous backup within minutes. This is the most proactive way to prevent any downtime or loss of service.

3. Firewall, Security Scanning & Hosting

Unlike other companies that expect you to know how to run and manage your own web server, we handle everything for you. From migrations, to backups and updates, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Our security scans are constantly running to make sure your website is always protected.

4. Content Management

We include 1 hour per month of website edits and changes with our hosting plans. Now you dont need to worry about tracking down your web guy if you need to make a small change or swap out a few pictures. Simply just email us your request and we will take care of it in no time!

What is the difference between cheap hosting and Design Lab Hosting?

Your Time! If time away from your business costs you money, then Design Lab’s Premium Website Hosting is crucial to your bottom line. The true cost of cheap hosting is not the monthly fee that you pay, it’s your time! The time you have the spend on the phone with a customer service rep that can barely speak english. The time you spend on hold or waiting for a call back from someone trying to identify and solve and website, hosting or email issue. All of this time translates into dollars – and at the end of the day your “discounted” hosting could be costing you hundreds of dollars per month.

The reason that these big name hosting companies are able to offer their services so cheaply is becuase your not paying for any human interaction. They automate as much of their business as possible, dump millions into their ad campaigns and put the customer last. That’s why we’ve created our 100% hassle free website maintenance & hosting experiencewhere the customer always comes first. You dont have to worry that one day your website will be down and wont know who to call. You’ll always have direct access to our support team who can help you with any questions or issues you might have. We also offer full service Hosted Exchange Email and SSL Certificates to insure that your website and email are up to the highest hosting and security standards. Unlike most companies, we only host our own clients websites so that we can be certain that our servers are always safe and at peak performance. If your in need of hosting or your current company is not making you a priority, then contact us today for a Free Hosting Evaluation and see how we can improve your experience!

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